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How to change WIX template or theme easily

Updated: May 6

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Are you tired of seeing the same monotonous Wix website templates all the time? Do you want your website to stand out in this competitive world? If yes, you're in the right place.

Let's say goodbye to those bland, generic templates and welcome the world of compelling, innovative designs that will take your website to new heights.

If you want to change your Wix template? Follow our simple steps: pick a fresh template, personalize it to your style, and voila! You'll have a stunning website that reflects your brand perfectly.

This article explains how you can easily change your Wix website template. in order to make your online presence more distinctive and polished.

Choosing the Perfect Wix Template: Set Up Your Unique Site

As you begin the process of transforming your website, it's important to select a template that sets the tone for your online presence. Here are some tips for making the right choice: You can easily integrate the template of your Wix website to enhance its design and functionality.

Selecting a new Template that Matches Your Brand Aesthetics and Functional Needs

Before you start customizing, it's important to pick a template that fits your brand's look and does what you need for your website. 

Wix has lots of templates made for different types of businesses and looks. Spend some time checking out different ones until you find the right fit. 

Think about things like how it's laid out, what colors it uses, and what features it has. You want a template that matches your brand and helps you reach your goals.

Exploring Wix Template Customization Options for a Tailored Design

Once you've picked a template, it's time to give it your own touch. Wix lets you change lots of things to make it just how you like. 

You can move stuff around, change colors, and more to make your site look how you want. 

Learn how to use Wix's tools to customize your site and make it special to your brand. Try out different fonts, pictures, and things on your pages to make it all yours.

Seamless Transition: Replicating Existing Content to Your New Website

Switching your website's template doesn't mean you have to redo everything. Wix helps you move your current stuff to your new template without any fuss. Here's how to do it smoothly:

Ensuring Smooth Migration of Text, Images, and Media Elements

When you switch to a new template, keeping your old stuff intact is super important. Wix makes it easy by letting you move your text, pictures, and other stuff smoothly. 

Use Wix Editor to transfer your content and keep everything looking consistent on your site while giving it a fresh look. 

Go through each page carefully to make sure everything gets transferred right. Check stuff like how it's laid out, where the pictures are, and if any videos or other media are still there and looking good.

Implementing SEO Best Practices During Content Transfer for Continued Visibility

While you're moving your content to the new template, take the chance to boost your website's search engine optimization (SEO). 

This means making your content more likely to show up when people search for stuff online. Use important words, write good descriptions, and add tags to your pictures so search engines can find your site easier. 

By doing this while you're moving things around, you'll keep your site easy to find for the people you want to reach.

Look for key words that matter to your site, and use them well in your text. 

Also, update the titles and descriptions for each page so they match what's on them, and make sure your pictures have good descriptions too, to help people using screen readers and search engines.

Enhancing Visual Appeal: Modifying Typography, Colors, and Site Structure

Making your website look great is really important for keeping visitors interested and getting across what your brand is all about. Here are some tips to make it look even better:

Refining Typography Choices for Improved Readability and Brand Consistency

The fonts you use on your website are super important for showing off your brand and helping people navigate around. 

Try out different fonts and sizes to make sure everything's easy to read and keeps your brand's style. Pick fonts that match what your brand's all about and can be read easily on phones, tablets, and computers. 

Pay attention to things like how much space there is between lines and letters, and how thick or thin the font is. Using too many different fonts can make things look messy and take attention away from what you're saying.

Harmonizing Color Palette to Evoke Desired Emotional Response and Brand Identity

The colors you use on your website can affect how people feel about it and what they do there. 

Pick colors that make people feel the way you want them to feel about your brand.

Wix lets you change colors easily to make your site look just right for your audience. 

Think about what different colors make people feel and pick ones that match what your brand's all about. 

Use colors to make important stuff stand out, show what's most important, and make people feel certain ways. Keep things looking neat by sticking to a few main colors and using them all over your site.

Optimizing Site Layout for Enhanced User Experience and Navigation Flow

Making sure your website is easy to use and navigate is really important for keeping visitors happy. Check out the layout of your new template and tweak it to make it even better for people to use. 

Put things in a logical order, show the most important stuff first, and make it easy for people to find their way around. Think about things like which pages are most important, where stuff goes on each page, and how people get from one part of your site to another. 

Try using your site on different devices to see if it works well everywhere. And ask friends, coworkers, or people who test websites for a living to try it out and tell you what they think, so you can fix any problems they find.

Final Touches: Wrapping Up Your Wix Template Transformation

Once you've finished customizing your new template and moving your content, it's time for some final checks before showing off your site to the world. Here's what to do:

  1. Look over everything again to catch any mistakes in how things look or if any links are broken.

  2. Make sure your site loads quickly by making images smaller and cleaning up the code.

  3. Test your site on different web browsers to make sure it works right for everyone.

  4. Make a special page for when people come across a broken link, so they can find their way back to your site easily.

  5. Start tracking who visits your site and what they do there by setting up website analytics.

By doing these final checks, you can make sure your site looks professional and works well before letting people see it.

Complete video guide on How to change WIX template


1. How can I move my Wix design to another account?

   If you want to transfer your Wix design to a different account, you can do it easily. Just go to your website's dashboard, click on "Site Actions," then choose "Transfer Site" and follow the instructions to move it to the new account.

2. Can I add another website to my Wix site?

   Yes, you can have more than one website on your Wix account. Just go to your Wix dashboard, click on "Create New Site," and pick the type of website you want to make. Each website can have its own style and content.

3. Are all Wix templates free?

   Not all of them. Wix offers many free templates, but some might need you to pay for them with a subscription or a one-time fee.

4. Can I change my free Wix website after I've published it?

   Absolutely! You can keep editing your free Wix website even after you've published it. Just log in to your Wix account, go to the website editor, and make the changes you want. Everything will be automatically saved.

5. Does Wix have free templates?

   Yes, Wix has plenty of free templates for you to use. They cover lots of different styles and types of websites, so you'll definitely find something you like without spending any money.

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